What is Higher Purpose?

This is our way to connect with socially-oriented entrepreneurs and purpose-propelled® businesses. Each month, we will bring to you stories that inspire and motivate us to look beyond profit towards making a positive impact through businesses. Let’s stay in touch.

Why is Impactika Consulting publishing it?

Words are everything. They are capable of moving us. Businesses are powerful too. They are capable of making lasting and positive change through innovation and marketing.

We at Impactika Consulting help do-gooders do better through purpose-propelled® consulting. We are a digital marketing, strategy, and social change consulting firm. We help for-purpose organizations take on the world’s toughest challenges in digital rights, social and economic justice, education, and more. 

As an advocate for both business and doing good, Impactika is a women-led team committed to helping organizations around the world find impactful and meaningful ways to market their purposes and connect with others. We don’t do memes. We will never buy followers. We will not create spam. We believe in creating and spreading the word about purpose-propelled people and businesses. 

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