How Mindful & Good is A Way of Being And a Way to do Business

Some companies will use a term like sustainability or purpose as a buzzword without the plan to back it. So how can you assess which ones are authentic? Let's hear it from Mindful & Good

Recent global events have prompted many to reevaluate what's important in life. Our society’s focus has shifted rapidly towards issues like sustainability, social justice, and creating a better future, resulting in a pivot that sees people aligning their work with their life purpose. 

For Rachel Martin, purpose and paycheck go hand-in-hand, which is why her design studio, Mindful & Good, operates from an ethos that prioritizes sustainable and socially conscious business decisions to drive creativity and help good brands grow. 

When it comes to sustainable design, you might first think about organic and fair-trade materials, carbon-neutral objectives, and zero-waste goals. And while these aspects are certainly a part of Martin's vision, her strategy ventures deeper than what can be assessed at face value. 

In order to put your best creative work forward, you need to first be fully aligned with who you're serving and their mission. 

As she puts it: “I need to believe in you as a product or a cause even more today to really get behind it.”

This is the principle that Martin employs when prospecting clients is further echoed in today’s consumer economy. One study published by Small Business Trends confirms that 71% of consumers prefer buying from companies aligned with their values and another from Zeno Group reveals consumers are four to six times more likely to champion purpose-driven brands

This evidence further enforces the importance of taking a holistic approach to brand and design strategy that reviews the process from end-to-end; who is creating the product, and whose hands will it end up in.   

Beginning a partnership with clients from a place of aligned values is what Martin uses as the catalyst to drive growth. For example, one North Carolina elderberry syrup company partnered with Mindful & Good on a product rebrand and subsequently saw a 200% increase in sales, proving that leading with purpose is not solely for optics or a feel-good sentiment—it actually drives profit. 

This type of mindful approach also speaks to Martin's desire for conscious consumerism. The goal with the syrup company was not to pump out more products or execute marketing campaigns en-masse but rather create an intentional framework that would help bolster the company's online and wholesale strategy. 

Martin’s clients also seem to follow suit when choosing who they partner with. She notes that it’s often brands that already operate through a socially conscious lens seeking her expertise—from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups in industries that range from food & beverage to agriculture to wellness. 

As the desire for these types of businesses grows, it’s clear that some companies will use a term like sustainability as a buzzword without the plan to back it. So how does Martin assess which ones are authentic? 

In a society dominated by decisions of the mind, Martin relies on her gut intuition and starts by asking herself a simple question: “Would I do this for free because I really believe in them or this cause or this product?” It's a question that might not always result in the highest volume of clients, but it will always attract the right ones. 

If leading with purpose and intentionally is the ultimate goal, then the partnership that starts with “why” is already off to a great start, and positive growth is sure to follow.  

Mindful & Good's approach in using good business as a force to create a better world perfectly aligns with Impactika's purpose-propelled® consulting. To learn more about Martin's story, read the full impact story.


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